Nevada Gun Rental and Shooting Academy Firearm Training
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We will train according to your schedule. You do not have to wait for a scheduled class. We are ready when you are.
Indoor range fee one time cost $50 (one target one lane and classroom) per engagement.
Outdoor range fee cost $100 (up to 42 targets various distances and directions) per engagement.
Firearm rentals available.
Course Hours Cost Ammo and firearm requirements
Introduction to gun safety. Can be conducted at your location. 3 $100 SPECIAL
Introduction to Handguns (differences between handguns) 3 $125 150 and firearm
Introductions to Handgun women (differences between handguns) 3 $100 150 rounds (firearm included)
Home Defense Tactics 4 $175 250
Close Quarter shooting hand gun 4 $225 500 and firearm
Advance pistol 1 day 6 $225 400 + firearm and multiple mags neede
Advance pistol, 2 day out door range only, range fee included 12 hrs $595 500 + firearm and multiple mags needed
Armed Home defense handgun. Class room and your home assesment 4 $250 250 +your firearm
Home defense with carbine. Your home and outdoor range 2 day course 6 $250 250
If you don't see what you want, tell us your budget and your goals.We can build training programs for you . Remember everything is negotiable. Sometimes the answer is no but Ask! Everyone should learn how to defend themselves and the truth about firearms.
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